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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Mission

Our mission at Digital Authentication Technologies, Inc. (DAT) is to assure that critical business information assets and functions can be protected, controlled, and monitored by location to reduce risks, whether in the cloud or on a user's device. 

Our Approach

Having recognized that other location technologies such as geolocation, triangulation, and IP address lookup are susceptible to spoofing, DAT pioneered a set of enabling technologies and services collectively known as Contextual Location Fingerprint™ (CLF™) that are not susceptible to practical spoofing attempts. For instance, CLF can be used to assure that servers are in secure data centers, administrators are in secure network operation centers, mobile device users can have their privileges to data and applications parsed as they move from trusted locations to the unknown, and anonymous and remote attackers must overcome significantly more complex hurdles.

Our Ecosystem

When properly integrated within a broader set of policy-definition/policy-enforcement tools (e.g. McAfee ePO or any other policy orchestrator of choice), CLF dramatically reduces serious vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and information systems. This includes the risks that arise when the location of a machine matters greatly, but it cannot be established with a high level of assurance by other approaches. 

Our Sponsors

The U.S. National Security Council recognized CLF as highly disruptive technology introducing location as a highly trustworthy identity in cyberspace and recommended to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) that it underwrite the cost of DAT developing a proof of concept. DOD subsequently funded DAT's cost in engineering validation, two years of rigorous military testing, and subsequent piloting of CLF being applied to defeat phishing attacks by verifying to mobile users that they were connected to servers in a trusted data center as opposed to a server that lacked the ability to present the correct CLF credential. DAT is now working with the DOD, Intel, and McAfee to embed CLF into Intel servers and mobile devices, and McAfee's services to address use cases for CLF identified by the DOD, other government agencies, large financial service firms, and managed service providers.

Our Technology Advancements and You

Today, CLF is available for licensing and integration into a broad range of platforms and together with its channel partners, DAT is offering products and services that raise the bar for cybersecurity involving servers, edge devices, mobile devices, and industrial control systems. We would like to work with you and your team and explore opportunities to make your systems smarter and stronger with our CLF platform and industry leading partners such as Intel and McAfee.


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