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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Mission

Digital Authentication Technologies, Inc. (DAT) ensures critical business information assets and functions can be protected, controlled, and monitored by location to reduce risks, whether in the cloud or on a user's device.

Our Approach

DAT pioneered a set of enabling technologies and services known as Contextual Location Fingerprint™ (CLF™) that is not susceptible to practical spoofing attempts, a common problem with other location technologies such as geolocation, triangulation, and IP address lookup. 

Our Customers
A common theme surfaced in discussions with DAT’s enterprise customers: CLF is essential for elevating trust, bolstering security, defeating fraud, enhancing privacy, ensuring compliance with jurisdictional restrictions on the movement of data, and establishing the provenance of commands, data, software, and devices. For instance, enterprise customers have identified use cases for CLF confirming servers are operating in approved data centers, administrators are working in approved network operation centers, mobile device users' privileges to access data and applications can be parsed as they move outside of approved locations, and software originated from a trusted source. Thus, CLF enables customers to introduce significantly higher hurdles to rogue insiders and anonymous and remote attackers, reducing a broad spectrum of risks.  
Our Ecosystem

When properly integrated into a broader set of policy-definition/policy-enforcement tools (e.g. McAfee ePO or any other policy orchestrator of choice), CLF dramatically reduces vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and information systems. This includes risks inherent in establishing a machine’s location when using other approaches.  

Our Sponsors

For introducing location as a highly trustworthy identity in cyberspace, CLF was recognized by the U.S. National Security Council as a major advancement in cyber technology. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) subsequently funded DAT's cost in engineering validation, two years of rigorous military testing, and piloting of CLF to defeat phishing attacks by verifying mobile users were connected to servers in an approved data center. 

To address use cases for CLF identified by DOD and other government agencies, large financial service firms, and managed service providers, and to ensure CLF can scale across enterprises in every vertical, DAT is working with Intel Security Services (McAfee) and other partners to embed CLF into servers, mobile and edge devices, POS machines, industrial control systems, and a wide range of other platforms.

Our Technology Advancements and You

Together with its partners, DAT is setting the new standard in cyber technology. DAT wants to help make your cyber defense systems smarter, safer, and stronger.

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